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Re: hard drive configuration

On 06/06/2011 11:23 AM, prad wrote:
in the past we've had two partitions:
into the latter went home, www, mail and we'd softlink from the
appropriate places. the nice thing about this setup has always been that
when we upgraded or tried a different system there wasn't any data
copying to do.

now we've been experimenting with xfs on which there will be openvs
containers to run the web/mail servers. containers go into /var/lib/vz
and we're thinking of keeping them in a separate partition
too. additionally, we've split things up so there are partitions for
/usr /usr/local /tmp /home and so on.

so i'm musing over whether to have a /data partition as before - it
doesn't seem to make quite the same sense at this stage. however, when
it comes time to change to the next debian, i keep thinking having the
data separate may be an advantage.

do people have favorite partitioning schemes with appropriate
justifications for them?

I do something very similar. Note that /Data is on an LV but /home is it's own partition.

$ pydf
Filesystem              Size  Used Avail Use%       Mounted on
/dev/sdh5                92G 8748M   78G  9.3 [...] /
/dev/mapper~vg-data_lv 5587G 2937G 2650G 52.6 [##.] /Data
/dev/sdh1                93M 1025k   92M  1.1 [...] /dos
/dev/sdh4               480G   22G  433G  4.7 [...] /home
encfs                   480G   22G  433G  4.7 [...] /home/ron/crypt

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