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Re: Capability of Iceweasel to open a local file.

On Mon, 06 Jun 2011 09:27:41 -0800, peasthope wrote:

> Iceweasel 3.5.16 is working in Squeeze here.  Using the menue, File >
> Open File, it opens /home/peter/blah.html.  The URI displayed is
> "file:///home/peter/blah.html".  Alternatively, the file can be opened
> by typing or pasting that URI into the window.
> There is a third possibility.  Suppose there is a Web page containing a
> link anchored at either http://localhost/home/peter/blah.html or
> http:///home/peter/blah.html.  Seems reasonable and straightforward for
> this method of opening a local file to work as well.  Does anyone have a
> helpful pertinent idea before a wish report is submitted?

You mean you want the browser automatically jumps to "file://localhost/
home/peter/blah.html" when it cannot reach "http://localhost/home/peter/

I prefer to get an error but it should not be very difficult to implement 
a kind of "protocol manager" extension to instruct Firefox/Iceweasel to 
try with another protocol when "http://"; returns "host not found".



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