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Re: Re: aptitude/apt-get hangs during update (plus) on IPv6

David Erwin writes:
On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 03:50:48PM CEST, "Jeffrey B. Green" <jeff@kikisoso.org> said:

I'm seeing if there is an alternate answer here before filing a bug. (I
believe) All of the servers here that have IPv6 configured hang while
attempting an update on security.debian.org. If I turn off IPv6 by
deconfiguring the IPv6 address, then the update goes through fine.

It might be a routing/firewall problem on IPv6 the way between you and
security.debian.org, since it works for me.

Do you succeed in browsing http://security.debian.org with IPv6 activated ?

Yes. I do a "wget" since it's a server without any windowing. Also, the updates/upgrades had been working just fine until this one.

I tracked the conversation at the firewall to be sure the wget was going through IPv6 and it was.

The Debian server it goes to is: 2001:4f8:8:36::6.


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