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Re: udev bug in Wheezy

On Mon, 30 May 2011 21:37:14 +0200, maderios wrote:

> I first sent this message in french language, sorry for my mistake.... I
> tried for the umpteenth time to return to Wheezy but I still have this
> problem with udev, which slows down the machine. The boot log shows that
> there is a problem. 

And the problem is...? What does the boot log say? :-)

> Am I the only one concerned? I doubt it .. How are
> things going with you? Is there a solution? Thank's for any help
> PS: udev does not appear in the log of the boot of Squeeze and the
> machine is not slowed down at all

You will have to provide more data. I'm with Wheezy and have no problems 
nor had noticed any regression (slow down) when booting :-?



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