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Re: udev bug in Wheezy

I couldn't install because of udev.  I'm using an amd athelon k8 and 
several udev errors came up on the espeakup netinst disk just before 
grub got installed.  I updated the image for espeakup and maybe that 
will fix the problem or maybe not, so next install I'm logging the 
install to a floppy and if udev errors do hit again hope those get 
caught in the log.  If I can get expert in on the boot line I'll log 
everything and set priority to low.  I'll probably do that this weekend 

On Mon, 30 May 2011, maderios wrote:

> Hi
> I first sent this message in french language, sorry for my mistake....
> I tried for the umpteenth time to return to Wheezy but I still have this
> problem with udev, which slows down the machine. The boot log shows that there
> is a problem. Am I the only one concerned? I doubt it .. How are things going
> with you? Is there a solution?
> Thank's for any help
> PS: udev does not appear in the log of the boot of Squeeze and the machine is
> not slowed down at all
> M

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