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Re: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address x in squeeze

On Mon, 30 May 2011 02:11:34 -0400, William Hopkins wrote:

> On 05/30/11 at 02:09am, Juan R. de Silva wrote:
>> I have a NexStar multi interface to USB adapter which I wanted to use
>> to connect my old IDE HDD to wipe it out before giving it away. While
>> trying to use it I hit the problem in subject line. That is:"Reset high
>> speed USB
>> device using ehci_hcd and address x" in loop message. (Looks like its
>> an old bug while googling.)
> Did you try the fix google returns? `echo 64 >
> /sys/block/{device}/device/max_sectors`

Well, this required the device being present in the system. Since the 
device as soon as attached get reset forever, `cat /sys/block/{device}/
device/max_sectors` returned:"No such file or directory". So, I couldn't 
do it.

> Is your device USB-powered or does it have a power supply?

Yes the device has a power supply.

> You should not remove ehci_hcd as it is required for USB 2.0 operation.
> Even if you truly knew what you were doing (and what chipset you have as
> far as OHCI vs UHCI is concerned), you would need to blacklist the ehci
> driver, as it is registered for your hardware and the kernel will always
> attempt to insert it.

Right, I forgotten to blacklist ehci driver.

> What is fixed in one distribution may be broken in another, and vice
> versa. But over time they will ultimately converge. If you can find the
> bugfix in Ubuntu it will help either fix it in Debian or discover why it
> hasn't yet applied to stable.

I'll try to locate it. So far as I can see from lsmod output Lucid does 
not even list neither ehci nor uhci modules.

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