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reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address x in squeeze

I have a NexStar multi interface to USB adapter which I wanted to use to 
connect my old IDE HDD to wipe it out before giving it away. While trying 
to use it I hit the problem in subject line. That is:"Reset high speed 
device using ehci_hcd and address x" in loop message. (Looks like its an 
old bug while googling.)

I've tried to unload ehci_hcd and load uhci_hcd module instead in attempt 
to resolve the problem. Unfortunatelly this not only caused me loosing my 
mouse but appeared to be useless, since the unloaded ehci_hcd module was 
fired by OS again automatically, and here we go - same vicious circle.

So, I gave up on it, and then, just out of curiosity, connected the damn 
thing to my laptop with Ubuntu Lucid. To my huge surprise Lucid did not 
have any problem with it, and right now I'm running shred on the device 
writing it with 0's.

How do they manage it, and why it is (still ?) a problem on Debian?

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