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Re: Convert .doc to Open editable format

On Sun, 29 May 2011 17:58:05 -0300, Daniel Bareiro wrote:

> Currently I'm making the Final University Project and I've found that
> the templates provided by teachers for the reports are in Microsoft Word
> format. It is sad to note that encourages the use of a closed-format for
> something that should mean a contribution to humanity...
> When trying to open these documents with Ooo 2.x on Debian, headers are
> displayed incorrectly or there is another problem in how to interpret
> any other details of the layout of the document.


Find a computer with MS Word on it and save/export the document from 
there to another file format. With some DOC files (mostly those with 
tables and/or images or complex layouts), I've not found a better way to 
get a readable file ;-(



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