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Re: How to use the net install CD with PPPoE?

On 05/30/11 at 01:00am, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Hi :)
> I'm new to this list. I'm a long time Linux only user, interested in
> audio and MIDI. Regarding to several issues with distros I did use, e.g.
> coercion to use PulseAudio, I like to switch the distro.

Great! Welcome.
> At the moment I've got Suse 11.2 64-bit, used to run e.g. proprietary
> lightscribe apps, that even don't run on my Edubuntu Maverick 32-bit, an
> absolutely stable and completely MIDI jitter free audio MIDI
> workstation, but the mouse wheel doesn't work on this install. The
> latest install is a 64-bit Ubuntu Studio Natty 64-bit. I've given up to
> fix the issues I've got with this install, but already installed Debian
> stable with 'Standard System utilities' by the
> debian-6.0.1a-amd64-netinst CD.
> When I logged in tty1 and tried to run pppoeconf I noticed that
> pppoeconf isn't installed.
> Do I need to download and install pppoeconf + dependencies or is there
> another way to get a PPPoE connection?

> Is there a meta-package that will install a system with X, GNOME2, but
> without PA? I'll build a kernel-rt and a lot of audio apps myself, is
> there a meta-package that will install make, checkinstall etc.?

Debian packages are binaries, because Debian is a binary distribution. So there is no 'make' component to installation.
The metapackage for X.org is xorg, and the metapackage for gnome is simply gnome. So `apt-get install gnome xorg` should get you started if you don't need to customize which packages to install.
> Btw. when I booted Ubuntu Natty, after installing this minimal Debian
> stable, I first has to search it between tons of grotesque GRUB menu
> entries, e.g. here isn't 64 Studio installed on my machine, but I get
> entries for 64 Studio installs that where installed in the past. 

This means the grub auto-configuration has probably discovered that you still have older kernels or even operating systems installed, and as a courtesy (and because it isn't that smart) has provided menu options. You can `man grub` and read about the configuration options, and remove them yourself.

> When Natty started I got a wrong screen resolution and a bad vertically
> frequency for the CTR monitor. I edited grub.cfg manually, yes manually
> and since then, booting Natty is ok again. Unfortunately I seems to know
> different versions of GRUB2, because e.g. 'submenu' is ignored by
> Debian's GRUB, but this isn't important, anyway a PITA.

Sounds like you solved your issue.. Is there something you need?
> So, after installing the 'Standard System utilities' what should I do
> next to get Debian stable?

If you used the CD as you said and installed, you already have Debian stable. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your question.
> I won't download and burn 8 DVDs.

Nobody is asking you to. For one thing, downloading every package, even in DVD format, is excessive and uses debian mirror bandwidth. The Debian method is to only download those packages you need.

Anyway, welcome to debian. 


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