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Re: Problems installing squeeze netinstall

At 12:21 PM 5/29/2011, William Hopkins wrote:
On 05/29/11 at 11:50am, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
> At 11:33 AM 5/29/2011, William Hopkins wrote:
> >On 05/29/11 at 11:00am, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
> >> At 09:25 AM 5/28/2011, Rob Owens wrote:
> >> >On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 11:45:09AM -0400, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
> >> >> Dear list -
> >> >>
> >> >> It went nowhere w/ the full iso of squeeze [see my previous post
> >> >> "Difficulties installing squeeze"], so I moved on the netinst.  The
> >> >> CD runs perfectly until it gets to "Select and Install Software", at
> >> >> which point it hangs.  As far as I can tell, the CD is fine.  It was
> >> >> burned at a low speed, the MD5 sum of the file and the download
> >> >> matched and the CD was verified after burning.  I have tried
> >> >> changing the mirrors, to no avail.
> >>
> >> Can you ctl-alt-f1 or ctl-alt-f2 to see the output or open a
> >> terminal for troubleshooting? >>> Yes, but it is just scrolling and
> >> I cannot read it.
> >
> >F1 should bring you to the output of the installer. A shame you
> >cannot read it to see what is happening.
> >Try heading over to f2 where you can open a terminal for
> >troubleshooting. Test your network from there. Try to ps and see
> >what is going on.

> If it helps, I can get to a terminal with the rescue mode.  I did
> that and updated [apt-get update && apt-get autoclean && apt-get
> dist-upgrade && apt-get autoremove].  When I boot, the system
> freezes at [   8.824009] [<c010253c>] cpu_idle+0x19/0xcb

I don't think this kernel output is helpful, but perhaps I'm wrong and some lister will reply. If your CD hangs at 'select and install software' (which it should never do, as this step doesn't involve anything more than loading a list of files), then you've already completed installing the base system, right?
Do you get any other text on the screen when it hangs during boot?
What was the ps -ef output from the troubleshooting terminal of the installer?


From active terminal:
Waarning: Untrusted versions of the following software will be installed!
Untrusted packages could compromise your system's security
You should only proceed with the installation if you are certain that this is what you want to do

in-target: dhcp3-client  dhcp3-common linux-image-2.6.26.-1-686
in-target: Clinux-image-2.6.26.-2-686 tzdata
in-target: do you want to ignorre this warning and proceed anyway?
To contiue enter "Yes"; to abour enter "No":
Yes [no response to this reply]

output from ps -ef:
31637 root 1672s udpkg --configure --force-configure pkgsel
31638 root 1808 S /bin/sh /var/lib/dpkg/info/pkgsel.postinst configure
31659 root 1808 S /bin/sh /bin/in-target sh -c debconf-apt-progress --f
31686 root 1668 S log-output -t in-target chroot /target sh -c debconf-
31687 root 10212 S /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/defconf/frontend /usr/bin
31689 root 6416 S /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/bin/debconf-apt-progress --from
31690 root 50824 S aptitude -o APT::Status-Fd=4 -o APT::Keep-Fds::=5 -o
31694 root 1812 R ps -ef

{the above text would not have been possible if not for my wife reading it from the monitor!}


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