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Re: USR 5633 Robotics Modem in Debian

Camaleón wrote:
> But be prepared for the worst, USB modems can be very difficult to 
> support in linux if the manufacturer did not provide the drivers nor 
> specifications. In this regard, old serial modems are much better than 
> USB ones (no drivers needed) ;-(

This is less the case now than it was 5 to 10 years ago. Now there are
at least two USB modems from different manufacturors that advertise
linux support in their literature and work using the kernel's ACM driver.

USRobotics USR5637

(And one that advertises linux support but requires the manufacturer's
driver, which I did not try as it's unlikely to work on arm.)

Since there are fewer modem users these days, and the remaining ones are
probably unlikely to be linux users, the old information about USB modems
not working in linux lingers where searches can find it. But, a targeted
search for a particular model before buying can generally tell if it
will work.

see shy jo

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