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Re: USR 5633 Robotics Modem in Debian

On Tue, 24 May 2011 14:11:12 -0500, Antonio Cruz wrote:

> I'm cuban and I'm new here. 

Welcome! :-)

> Recently I bought a USB Modem (USR 5633
> Robotics for dial-out),  I'm using Debian Wheezy at home but I don't
> know how configure it. I used modemmanager but it doesn't work. If
> anybody can help me I will appreciate it.

Google only returns bad news for that modem, it says is not supported at 
all in linux, sorry :-(

But you can still can make some tests, just in case. Open a console and 

tail -f | dmesg

Then attach the modem and see if it gets detected and the system assigns 
a port to it under "/dev/ttyUSB0" or "/dev/ttyACM0.

But be prepared for the worst, USB modems can be very difficult to 
support in linux if the manufacturer did not provide the drivers nor 
specifications. In this regard, old serial modems are much better than 
USB ones (no drivers needed) ;-(



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