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Re: Samba and NFS

On 05/27/11 at 06:04pm, Will Ryder wrote:
> Hi,
> I have NFS mount of netapp filer on debian 6 and on a rhel 5 machines.
> I have samba server  running on both machines that windows pc can connect to and access the nfs mount.
Why? Last I checked, netapp filers had SMB support.
> Is this advisable ? As I cannot have strict file locking. Or is there some way to make nfs and CID share work together file locking?
Not advisable, no. SMB emulates windows locks and NFS mandates UNIX locks and they aren't compatible. You may or may not have issues. 
I would suggest you ask around the samba-technical list for best practices, and if you can't fully understand all the implications then you'd be safest finding another solution.


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