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Re: Samba and NFS

On May 27, 2011, at 10:08 PM, William Hopkins wrote:

> On 05/27/11 at 09:57pm, Will Ryder wrote:
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>> On 27 May 2011, at 21:51, William Hopkins <we.hopkins@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On 05/27/11 at 06:04pm, Will Ryder wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I have NFS mount of netapp filer on debian 6 and on a rhel 5 machines.
>>>> I have samba server  running on both machines that windows pc can connect to and access the nfs mount.
>>> Why? Last I checked, netapp filers had SMB support.
>> They do have cif shares but I cannot connect directly
> Hmm. I don't follow this.. why not? 

Sorry, I did not describe my network properly and the permissions I need. Basically I need the UID and GID for file creation for data protection reasons.

The windows pcs and rhel machine sit on one side of a Firewall/access control list on a subnet off the main network where the netapp is, the Debian machine sits on the main network with it's own firewall. 

It is not a usual network configuration and the data storage has to have a high level of integrity. Therefore I am using TCP instead of UDP. 
(Was quite impressed with the transfer speed, at one point I was getting ~ 100Mb/s (sorry to diverge from my original question), the server has two 1Gps network cards)

The not being able to connect via CIF is really due not a technical issue - I know it could be done - but it will not happen in this circumstances.

>>>> Is this advisable ? As I cannot have strict file locking. Or is there some way to make nfs and CID share work together file locking?
>>> Not advisable, no. SMB emulates windows locks and NFS mandates UNIX locks and they aren't compatible. You may or may not have issues. 
>>> I would suggest you ask around the samba-technical list for best practices, and if you can't fully understand all the implications then you'd be safest finding another solution.
>> That was what I thought I might get as a reply.
> Well, debian user has a wide variety of experience but sometimes it's best to get a bit more granular.

The data is write once as it is archived for a number of  years, so I have to get it right! I will try the other list for more advice.
Therefore the not locking (setting strict locking = no in smb.conf) in some ways is not a big issue unless it affects data integrity.
I am thinking that users may need to transfer to unix machine via samba to a local raid stoage, then copy to the NFS share.

I will post on the samba technical list, thanks for your help

> Did you mean to reply to me off-list? If you always reply to list you'll get the most feedback, unless you want to take something offtopic or discuss individually (:
Replied on the Iphone - sorry should have been on the list, thanks for agreeing to bring this back to the list

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> Liam

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