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Re: received sms possible or not with debian ??

On Thu 26 May 2011 at 19:10:43 +0100, thuillier-charmet wrote:

> i want only received sms :
> In my reality i have a phone number (but no mobil phone) for received
> vocal message on a mail-box.
> I wish to received a sms on this
> mail-box with intermediate of this phone number,
> But i don't "how to do that" because at my level of knowledge there are
> no "convert-program" for do that !
> So that 'll be great tips to imagine or create this !

You can receive a vocal message on your phone number because there is a
machine there which will accept it. It will not accept an sms.

There are phones which will accept an sms but converting voice to sms
doesn't appear have software in Debian to do it.

It is possible to convert sms to voice because BT in the UK do it.

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