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Re: Wrong permissions to "/" in my debian/testing system

 How many machines are we talking about? It seems coincidental.
 The only corollation is that squeeze did move to using UUIDs by default.

I've investigated 5 machines. In three of them permissions are set to 0755
and in two to 0777.
I've tried to boot different kernels (with initrd and without initrd), boot
with "init=/bin/bash" to skip running all init scripts, but results are still the same.

The most interesting fact is that even for the same standard Debian kernel permissions in machines differ...

I tried to investigate in sources how kernel selects initial permissions for root node,
but I didn't succeed...

The problem is really serious, as it allows the plain user to change configuration of machine...
I hope it is a silly misconfiguration in 2 of my machines...

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