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Re: Gnome terminal termcap problem

On 25/05/11 12:18, Camaleón wrote:
On Wed, 25 May 2011 08:26:45 +0100, Alan Chandler wrote:

I have just cleaned out (ie uninstalled) gnome as gnome3 and
re-installed gnome as gnome2 from unstable.  I did this whilst sitting
in a kde4.6 session.

I then restarted the computer and entered a gnome session

Now that I try and run gnome terminal it starts by outputting

*** VTE ***: Failed to load terminal capabilities from '/etc/termcap'


Possible bug?

libvte9: Failed to load terminal capabilities from '/etc/termcap'


Looks like it. removed /usr/share/vte/termcap directory and turned it into a symlink to /usr/share/vte/termcap-0.0 and it works

Alan Chandler

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