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Re: What is the recommended way to handle squeeze-proposed-updates?

On Wed, 18 May 2011 20:15:33 -0700, Mark wrote:

> I had to add the squeeze-proposed-updates repos to my sources.list after
> learning about the intel 855gm bug in squeeze that requires a fix from
> the proposed updates section.  After apt-get update and apt-get upgrade,
> 13 packages were updated/upgraded including apt.  Am I supposed to keep
> the proposed updates repos active in sources.list for the life of
> squeeze, or do something else?  What if I comment it out now?  


I've never used that repo before :-?

It seems to be a preliminary stage where devels put their packages before 
they enter into the regular path (they fall into the "security update" or 
"stable" repos).

> I want this to be a stable system.  This is a brand new area for me so
> any help is appreciated.  


Having it enabled it won't hurt, but you know what the /common sense/ 
dictates: "if something works, better do not touch it" :-). If you want 
to keep the system as stable as possible, do not update any package that 
does not require to be updated, that is, only perform security updates to 
fix flaws but in the end, don't introduce any new feature.



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