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Anybody using smart-notifier package?


I have been recently playing with smart-notifier package to use notifications (pynotify) and fixing some bugs. This worked nice with (yet unpackaged) notification-daemon 7.1 but older versions and other notification daemons fail to display long texts and do not have default icon for critical messages.

So I have constrained notification to short warning and a button to display full message in separate dialog (and also specified custom icon).

This solution is suboptimal mainly because it does not fit well with nowadays trends (Gnome 3 and probably KDE4). Moreover, I realized gdu-notification-daemon from gnome-disk-utility package does the same job probably much better (i.e. no smartmontools needed as it uses libata). But not everyone is using Gnome (or wanting upgrade to Gnome 3).

So I want to know if smart-notifier has any future at all. Is anybody using it in Gnome in favor of gnome-disk-utility? What are using people with non-gnome desktops?

Petr Gajdůšek

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