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Re: Mp3 Encoding (and Virtual Machine Software for Wheezy?)

VirtualBox on Wheezy has been a really, really ugly experience. Here's a
quick recap -

1. Follow the directions to add the Squeeze version from virtualbox.org
(contrib, VirtualBox 4).

2. Attempt to install Guest Additions, & synaptic says it has to
uninstall VirtualBox (huh?)
Guest Additions are for guest OS, you don't have to install them in host OS.
Inside guest OS mount "fake" CD/iso copy-paste .sh, .exe...to home directory and install.

- I was installing the Guest Additions 4 from the VirtualBox source.

3. Uninstalled VirtualBox 4 from the contrib source, moved on to the
"non-free" version (source is still virtualbox.org), which is actually
VirtualBox 3.

4. Attempt to install the Guest Additions, and again, Synaptic says it
has to uninstall VirtualBox (Huh?!)

5. Virtual machines now won't start (issues with dkms).

I have dkms and VirtualBox on Squeeze and Wheezy hosts and they work. Maybe some wrong steps?

What a trip.

1. On host install VirtualBox and dkms
2. In VirtualBox install guest OS
3. Mount Guest Additions CD in guest OS
4. Copy to home dir. Guest Additions app (don't remember exactly name) from mounted CD
5. Install it.

If in any period you get message "need kernel header" or something like that install kernel header for your kernel.

Goran Dobosevic
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