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[SOLVED: Displaying Embedded Artwork in Sony E-Series Walkman]

Hey folks,

Sorry if this is off-topic for in here, but i've finally solved the enigma i was in getting the artwork (or cover art) embedded in my mp3's to show up on my Sony E-Series Walkman (model - NWZ-E353). The solution didn't have anything to do with the version of LAME i was using, but was instead an addition to what Chen had initially said in this mailing list (ID3 Tag Version).

In order for Album Art to be displayed, you have to use ID3 v2.3 tags, and a .jpg file. , you must also uncheck the "Progressive" and "Optimize" options in saving in the drop-down menu of the "Save As" drop-down menu dialogue box

.gif .tif and .png format image files will not work (i tested each format).

As i said, .jpg worked for me, however, you have to make sure some settings are tweaked.

In GIMP, if "Optimize" or "Progressive" is checked, be sure to uncheck them. When these settings are CHECKED, your album art won't display. Also, you also want to uncheck the box that says "Use quality settings from original image." I was able to use both the "(smallest file)" and "(best quality)" options in the Sub Sampling dropdown box. I'm not sure what these settings are equal to in other programs.

As far as i can tell, image sizes do not matter. I used 38.7 KB .jpg at 500x500, and i was also able to use a 732.8 KB .jpg at 1000x1005.

So, yeah... just wanted to get this out there in case anyone was wondering. I really like my little Media Player, & especially like the fact that it's a simple drag-and-drop method of adding music to it.

- tin.kidneys

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