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Re: Avoid POP3

Camaleón wrote:
That's okay, but not for me (so I noted), at least not "technically
speaking" in this context where pop3, due to its own nature, inherits by
default a "download/fetch/get/retrieve and delete" action ;-)


The protocol is very specific - listing headers, downloading/reading messages, marking messages for deletion, and actually deleting messages (when a QUIT is issued) are very distinct operations that have to be executed via different protocol transactions. There is no inherent combined download/fetch/get/retrieve/delete action.

There may be default actions set up in a client, but those are client and configuration specific.

There may be defaults and customizations on the server-side, but those are external to the protocol (if a server deletes messages after they're downloaded, that's completely outside the scope of POP3).

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