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Re: Gnome 3 from experimental - how do you change wallpaper

El 2011-05-18 a las 12:52 +0100, Alan Chandler escribió:

(resending to the list)

> On 18/05/11 12:35, Alan Chandler wrote:


>> Thanks, I found gsettings now. It looks like I haven't yet got much of
>> gnome3 installed - what is this common display applet? - the new
>> gnome-shell doesn't seem to give me any options to access applets?
> I think there is something else missing.  Hitting my name in the top  
> right hand corner brings up a menu which includes "System Settings".  
> Hitting that menu item doesn't do anything.
> Similarly, the Day/time display in the middle has a drop down with "Date  
> and Time" settings.  Hitting that does nothing too.
> I suspect I am missing a package I need to install?

There was a thread in Debian forums about how to install gnome3 from 
where you can compare the packages you have installed:

how to install gnome3 in debian

But you can expect many bugs and oddities in the current GNOME3 :-)



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