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Re: Smartphone definition - Re: Poll Summary & Poll 1b - What Smartphone do you use?


(Andrei, it was indeed meant for the list. Sorry for mailing you.)

To avoid the marketing lingo I'd say a smart phone is a device which is
intended to be used as a phone (if you want to distinguish it from
tablets with phone capabilities) and which is beefed up enough to run an
OS such as debian (or QNX, Android, iOS, the mobile Windows version) on
it with an acceptable response time.

But wouldn't it be better to include any mobile device with phone
capabilities in your category? I expect that each producer of smart
phones, tablets and netbooks will soon try to have only one hardware
platform for all three device types and 3G or 4G capabilities make sense
for all of them.
Android is already running tablets and phones, probably RIM goes the
same way with its QNX and I'd be surprised if iOS and Windows wouldn't
follow. Also, the market has seen hybrid netbook-tablet devices already
(so far without 3G I believe but it's bound to come).

I'm using a BB Bold 9700 and like it. (Considering my budget I won't use
it for any experiments.) I may be a bit outdated but I prefer a real
keyboard, especially for devices that claim to be smart.

Cheers, Simon

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