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Re: Installing into own partition schema for SSD?

On Ma, 17 mai 11, 11:04:33, Kai Weber wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new owner of an Intel SSD. After reading about the need to properly align
> the partitions, logical volumes and filesystems to the SSD's erase block size
> I tried to follow these recommendations[1] and install Debian (6.0.1a) into an
> prepared partition scheme.
> My preferred setup is a 1GB /boot partition and the rest an dm-crypt encrypted
> partition with lvm on top.
> How can I tell the installer to use the prepared partitions?

AFAIR it's a bit counterintuitive and I might have even opened a bug 
report about it. I think it involves selecting a filesystem and telling 
the installer to not format the partition or something like that...

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