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Re: unable to apt-get an older system

On 2011-05-10 9:43 AM, Tom Grace wrote:
On 10/05/11 16:50, Jim Pazarena wrote:
I have a debian based appliance which is running, I am unsure
how to
determine debian version.
You may have some luck with:
cat /etc/debian_version

ahhh..   4.0

Is there a way around this? Other than a full update, which isn't possible
because the appliance runs a canned program which would likely choke on
a full upgrade.
I'm thinking the problem *might* be that you are running an old release, but have "stable" in
If you find the release you have installed, you may have more luck using http://archive.debian.org/
in your sources.list.

I have:
deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian stable main non-free contrib

which dies (apt-get update) on:
Get:6 http://ftp.us.debian.org stable/contrib Release [98B]
Fetched 8830kB in 1m56s (76.1kB/s)
Reading Package Lists... Error!

the other "Get:1 .. thru .. Get:5" seem to work just fine.

Is there an adjustment I can make or an addition to the sources.list file
which can sneak this Get:6 into working?

I tried replacing ftp.us.debian.org  with archive.debian.org and the error messages really flew!

Help appreciated. Many thanks.
Jim Pazarena         debian@paz.bz

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