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ssh suddenly prompting for passphrase

Just sharing something that happened to me.

After a recent upgrade with debian/testing, I noticed that ssh would
pop up a window asking for my password, and this would be AFTER
running ssh-add.

Turns out that I needed to read this bit in

The GNOME keyring includes the functionality of the SSH and GPG agents,
and it can break some setups, especially if ssh-agent and/or gpg-agent
is started by hand.

You can disable a specific component by removing the gnome-keyring-gpg
and gnome-keyring-ssh elements from the startup applications. The
interface depends on your session manager; for GNOME you can use
gnome-session-properties. You can also simply edit

Now for me, surprise GUI prompts are annoying for a couple of reasons.
 First, it's new.  I've never seen that before this recent upgrade.
Second, I usually run screen, and it's possible the that first time I
run ssh out of this machine would have been after I first ssh-ed into
it, did screen -x, then ssh back out.  So there'd be some random X app
prompting for my password on a machine several buildings away.

Anyway, from my GNOME desktop, it was simply
System/Preferences/Startup Applications and uncheck GNOME Keyring SSH


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