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Re: SATA Harddisk order in debian squeeze

On 5/10/2011 3:45 AM, Markus Neviadomski wrote:

Hello list,

Good lord man fix your MUA's formatting. I've had to pull 3 pairs of scissors out to replay to this...

running 3 SATA-drives in Raid 5 for a couple of years. I used kernel
2.6.23 since,  3 or 4 months ago, CF-Card, mounted as /dev/hda.
dist-upgrade to lenny with kernel 2.6.32. All was running fine, but
 cf-card was mounted as /dev/sda!

You don't read release notes and such. You should get in that habit. Libata, the cause of your problem, has been in the kernel for a long time. Debian is late to the table, as usual, so you're just now seeing it. The answer is using drive UUIDs with mdadm[.conf] instead of the old /dev/YdX device naming convention. See:



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