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Re: Customising Debian install

I dont see why Gnome as a whole depends on Empathy.

On a separate note, the task selection in the installer governs which packages are installed by default.

If I wanted to make a custom derived distro presumably the first point of call (after creating my own repository and copying all the stable packages to it) would be modifying the task selector to alter what is installed by default?

But Im a bit perplexed by why Gnome as a whole is dependent on what I see as simply user apps on top of Gnome which Gnome should be able to function perfectly well without.

To me the package dependencies here are screwed? Removing an IM client or a web browser shouldnt cause the whole desktop environment to be removed too.

 On 08/05/2011 21:12, Andrei Popescu wrote:
On Du, 08 mai 11, 20:36:48, Andrew Wood wrote:
Whats the logic here? Surely it should be the other way round?
The problem here, I think, is that gnome-desktop-environment depends on
I assume you don't mean empathy should depend on
gnome-desktop-environment, but wonder why removing one "leaf" package
can have such an effect ;)

The answer is quite simple: a "Depends:" relationship expresses that a
package A can not function without a particular package B, so removing
the package B will trigger the removal of package A.

Now consider that package A also depends on C and D, and these were
installed only as dependencies of A. Since the package manager considers
that C and D are not needed anymore it offers to remove them.


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