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Re: Customising Debian install

On Du, 08 mai 11, 20:36:48, Andrew Wood wrote:
> Whats the logic here? Surely it should be the other way round?
> >The problem here, I think, is that gnome-desktop-environment depends on
> >empathy.

I assume you don't mean empathy should depend on 
gnome-desktop-environment, but wonder why removing one "leaf" package 
can have such an effect ;)

The answer is quite simple: a "Depends:" relationship expresses that a 
package A can not function without a particular package B, so removing 
the package B will trigger the removal of package A.

Now consider that package A also depends on C and D, and these were 
installed only as dependencies of A. Since the package manager considers 
that C and D are not needed anymore it offers to remove them.

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