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Re: CRITICAL: Wireless connection destroyed on some Netbooks

In <BANLkTim5BVDXYuBmi8vceWADE4GU_c5F9w@mail.gmail.com>, DuLac Dutra wrote:
>Could not find the package, but here goes the historial in 2 Netbooks:
> - Was first noticed on Ubuntu 11.04RC after installation over previous
>working 10.10
> - It was introduced in Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 by April,28 updates.
> - And confirmed to be in action in the latest Mint Debian XFCE.

Both Mint and Ubuntu have their own mailing lists.  As far and I can tell, you 
didn't even test on Debian, rendering your posting off-topic for this mailing 
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