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CRITICAL: Wireless connection destroyed on some Netbooks

Could not find the package, but here goes the historial in 2 Netbooks:

 - Was first noticed on Ubuntu 11.04RC after installation over previous working 10.10
 - It was introduced in Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.10 by April,28 updates.
 - And confirmed to be in action in the latest Mint Debian XFCE.
 - Not kernel related (previous kernels were tested, under the unknown "updated" package)

 - Not a driver problem.
   Though a previous initialization of the wireless board would allow
   a correct connection on Linux, as long as hot reboot was made (no power-off). 
 - Handshake fails.
   When Wicd was tried, sequence was: None, Local, None => Password failure

 - There's a chance the board may be misidentified (driver is R8169) but only hanshake fails.
 - Notice that if windows was called previous to linux, the handshake would go fine.
 - This is affecting all ACER AspireOne Netbooks using the same wireless board.

This is all I got.
I'm available for testings if needed.

Best regards,
Dutra de Lacerda.

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