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Re: Need help with approx configuration changes for squeeze [SOLVED]

In <20110506155703.GA2843@big.lan.gnu>, Paul E Condon wrote:
>Note that none of these five lines (in two different files on two different
>hosts) contain 'volatile'.

As expected for squeeze and above.  The services previously provided by 
volatile.debian.org and its completely separate mirror system have now live on 
the same infrastructure as the latest release.

>But it appears that a 'volatile' service is not yet running for
>wheezy, so I have the 'wheezy-updates' line commented out on the hosts
>that are running wheezy.

That *is* the "volatile service" for Wheezy.  The "*-updates" repository on 
the master server (or one of its mirrors) has completely replaces the "debian-
volatile" repository on volatile.debian.org.

(The "debian-volatile-sloppy" was effectively replaced by backports for a 
while, I don't think it ever got a package during the Lenny release.)
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