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Some way to restrict what apt-get/aptitude installs

I've a headless server running Debian 6 and I am curious if there is a way to restrict what gets pulled in

Example #1 Gentoo: USE="-X" will effectively stop all X/X-related libs from being installed and the package manager there will fail, telling you why.
Example #2 FreeBSD: X="NO" (YES/NO/TRUE/FALSE valid respectively) WITHOUT_X="YES" (YES/NO/TRUE/FALSE valid respectively) for a similar result as Gentoo, FreeBSD will install some X libs silently when absolutely necessary and while undesirable, this is acceptable.

Does something like this exist in Debian? I want to be able to install things or have someone else install things they are told to like the good monkey they are but I don't want the system to become bogged down with needless X/X-related dependencies or for them to blindly install gnome for example ...
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