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Re: who creates 'dev/mapper/vgHDB-HDB9'?

Martin wrote:
Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> schrieb:

I have installed lvm2 and created pv's, vg's and lv's. E.g.:


I have a question: who creates exactly those /dev/ entries?

The reason I ask is that sometimes with mondorescue they are not created and I cnnot access the lv's.

I don't know mondorescue. To access lv from my rescue system (grml) I
use the following commands:
/sbin/vgchange -ay

This creates the /dev/mapper/ entries - and is what is done in debian's
lvm2 init script.

That's exactly what the mondorescue init script does but in some cases this does not create the /dev/mapper/ entries. I'd sure like to know why. I have a hunch that it is not able to create the lockfile.


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