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Re: xmodmap settings are forgotten/lost during session


trying to investigate this further, I set up a Cron job running every
minute executing the following commands:

DISPLAY=:0.0 xmodmap > /dev/null 2>&1 && \
DISPLAY=:0.0 xmodmap -pke | grep -q F19 || echo xmodmap gone && \
DISPLAY=:0.0 xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

I.e. I check whether my mapping for F19 is still and generate some
output to get an email from Cron every time the settings are gone,
reloading the settings in the last line. The first is just a check
whether there's actually a X11 session on the first DISPLAY.

And I get a regular pattern, exactly every 10 minutes my xmodmap
settings get flushed. Of course I searched for other Cron jobs, but to
no avail.

What else could reset my keyboard settings every 10 minutes? Or has
anyone an idea how to debug this further?


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