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Re: Poll - What Smartphone do you use?

On Tuesday 03 May 2011 19:19:44 shawn wilson wrote:

> Ps- lisi are you inferring that products that are no longer manufactured
> should not be supported by the open source community? I truly hope not.

Certainly not!!  But I read what green said as a reference to the future.  It 
would appear that I was wrong to so interpret it.  I so read the "at this 

" And at this point it seems unlikely that Debian will ever run on 

We are reeling locally from the announcement of the closure of our local Nokia 
facility.  One of our LUG members will lose his job - and we shall lose a 
valued meeting place.  Trivial compared with Bob losing his job, but it is a 
really nice facility and I enjoyed going  there.

So I am probably seeing Nokia closures behind every bush.


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