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Re: mua and mail service provider statistics

Chris Davies wrote:
> Rob Owens <rowens@ptd.net> wrote:
> > I think Mutt is awesome for handling mailing lists.  I always view in
> > thread mode, and I use Ctrl-d to delete entire threads that don't
> > interest me.  I can delete the entire thread in the time it takes me to
> > read the subject line.
> I've always tended to treat mailing lists as newsgroups. So I drop them
> into my local news subsystem and read them with tin. Thread killing is
> "permanent" (i.e. if you kill a thread then it stays dead no matter how
> many new messages arrive for it). I suspect that this approach and mutt
> give similar results.

Actually not. I use mutt and there is no way to permanently kill a


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