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Re: Why doesn't ... -- time lag exist


On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 12:10:08AM +0300, sdc wrote:
> Michelle Konzack, don't know why you are replying since the problem has been
> solved. Read the thread, if you are looking for flame, flame elsewhere. By
> the way, is there an option to mark this mail as a solved so others will
> (hopefully)not reply to it anymore?

Please be kind to the people spending time to respond to you and
thankful to them.  Please also understand there are some time lag on
mailing list communication.

At least to me, you (=sdc) are the one started with sensational words in
title to piss off people who take software freedom seriously.  Probably,
you did not mean it and it was mere lack of your knowledge.  

Email is difficult communication tool, indeed.



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