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Re: FullHD notebook support under Debian (sid)

On Sb, 30 apr 11, 09:50:32, Leonardo Ruoso wrote:
> I'm addicted to Debian and I need a new notebook, but I don't like replacing
> my hardware too often.
> I suppose requiring a FullHD display is a good strategy to buy a new
> notebook and keep it for the next 10 years :-)
I can understand wanting a high-res display, but do you need exactly 
1920x1080? In my case it would be nice as I connect my laptop quite 
often to the TV, and having different resolutions makes some things more 
complicated then they should be.

> Brazil has a program of low interest rates for computers manufactured in the
> country (Sony, Dell, etc..).

Personally I would go with a ThinkPad anytime (I specifically did not 
say Lenovo, because their non-ThinkPad stuff is not so good).

> What about a checklist to not buy anything with a poor Debian support?

At the moment the support for the nvidia proprietary driver is much 
better than fglrx. The open source alternatives (nouveau and radeon) are 
both usable, but don't provide great (3d) performance and might not 
support the newest chipsets.

Regarding wireless I understand Atheros chipsets don't need additional 
(possibly non-free) firmware and are quite well supported. I guess the 
next best option would be Intel chipsets, which do need non-free 
firmware, but have good driver support (by Intel even).

Webcams and sound may also give you some headache and also power saving 
functions (suspend to RAM, suspend to disk, ...)

I think it would be best if you can test the laptop with a Debian Live.

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