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Wireless via dhcp needs repeated ifdown/ifup

I have this stanza in /etc/network/interfaces:

auto eth1
iface eth1  inet dhcp
wireless-mode managed
wireless-essid 'My ESSID'

At the end of booting, the system tries to connect to the wireless point
but after repeated attempts it reports that no DHCP offers are found.
I then do:
        sudo ifdown eth1 && sudo ifup eth1

and the wirless link comes up at once.

As a work-around, to avoid delay, I have commented out "auto eth1". Once
the boot is complete I have to do "ifup eth1", which fails as usual but
can be stopped with Ctrl-C, and then continue with "sudo ifdown eth1 &&
sudo ifup eth1".

In summary, I can get wirelss to work in this rather clunky way but I
think there should be a better solution. I googled a suggestion to turn
off wpasupplicant, but that doesn't help. Any ideas?

Incidentally, this happens both in Squeeze and in Sid.


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