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Re: Sending from newsreader

Camaleón wrote:
> You first need to reply to the Gmane authorization e-mail. Once Gmane
> can verify that you are a human and not a robot (aren't you a robot,
> right? :- P), then you can start sending messages normally.

Ah yes, I found it out. Sending through Gmane now. Many thanks.

> > BUT I found that if I move your post from the newsgroup in Sylpheed
> > to a mail folder, I can reply from there, while the 'In-Reply-To'
> > and the 'References' in the headers seem OK, so the thread is not
> > even broken. It looks like I've found another way to take part in
> > this mailing list without being subscribed, and without using Gmane.
> Yep, I guess multi-featured clients like
> Thunderbird/Icedove/Evolution will do the same way :-)

You apparently missed Florian's and Sven's posts. News servers like
bofh.it mangle Reference headers, so threads are broken anyway and
replying to news messages by mail is not the way to go.

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