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Re: Tripwire can't send report by email‏‏

On Mon, 25 Apr 2011 16:28:09 +0000, Cedric DC wrote:

>>  1/ Instruct tripwire to use a real e-mail sender (whether possible)
>  I have read the "man tripwire". It's not possible to specify the
>  sender email address.

Recheck "man 8 tripwire" (test mode), it seems you can configure some e-
mailing options...

>  > 2/ Configure your MTA/MDA to go out with a real/routeable e-mail
>  > address.
>  I try to translate the email address @proxy by @mydomain.com
>> I had in the file /etc/exim4.conf.template this one and restart exim4
>  # TEST
>  *@*proxytest*   $1@mydomain.com
>  And it's doesn't work

Exim (which I hardly know) is a bit "sui-generis", there are some pre-
configuration options that setup the daemon to act differently (as 
smarthost, localhost...), maybe someone in the know can give you more 
accurate steps to properly set it up.



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