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Re: How I can remove my folder icons in desktop screen?

On Mon, 25 Apr 2011 23:16:39 +0900, J.Hwan.Kim wrote:

> 2011년 04월 25일 22:49, Steven 쓴 글:

>> Assuming gnome:
>> start gconf-editor (start with terminal or the menu: Applications -
>> System tools - Configuration editor)
>> go to apps - nautilus - desktop
>> There you can find check boxes to enable/disable some icons (network,
>> computer, home directory and trash)
> I tried as you told.
> The computer, trash, network and home icons could be erased or shown,
> but my contents of my account directory could not be erased. For
> example, the icon of temp directory existing in /home/frog (my account
> is frog)
> could not be  erased in Desktop screen. Further advice is needed.

Maybe you are searching for another key:

/apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop [ ]

If you toogle this "off" all your icons will vanish.



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