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Re: weather program not working anymore

On 25/04/11 07:16, Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
Using Debian Squeeze. In my .weatherrc, I have the following stanza

City = Newark
Forecast = True
St = NJ

However, if I do

$weather home
weather: error: failed to retrieve
    HTTPError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

It used to work before. But the website seems to be broken now. Does anyone
know of a fix?

I just had a look at the Weather homepage:

and it looks like the format of the request and data has changed. There is a partial fix on that page, and a new version of Weather is being worked on. No idea when that might filter into Debian, if it makes it into Squeeze at all.

Looks like you have to specify location by state zone number, rather than city.

Hope that helps a bit.

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