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Re: Monitors requiring interlaced video modes with older Nvidia video cards are out of options in wheezy

On Sb, 23 apr 11, 17:57:07, Stephen Powell wrote:
> I can't use the nouveau driver because the nouveau driver doesn't work
> with interlaced video modes.  I filed a bug report a good while ago.  See
>    http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=589452
> No response.

You could try to report the bug upstream (and then tag the Debian bug 
accordingly), since this is clearly an upstream issue.

Of course, ideally would be for you to write the support for interlaced 
video modes, maybe with help from other people, but I'm not sure how 
many people are interested in this.

You might even face disinterest in merging in a possible patch as CRTs 
are disappearing and the code would eventually bitrot as well.

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