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Tripwire can't send report by email‏


I have setup tripwire on a Debian 6. I have tripwire integrity reports (pwr files) in the directory /var/lib/tripwire/report/
With the following command I can read the report.
twprint --print-report --twrfile proxytest-20110421-135326.twr > test-log

I would like send the report by email.

In the file /etc/cron.daily/tripwire
there is the command tripwire --check --quiet --email-report

If I try to launch this in command line I have this message :
root@proxytest:/etc/cron.daily# /usr/sbin/tripwire --test --email toto@mydomain.com
Sending a test message to: toto@mydomain.com
### Error: The SMTP server returned an error.
### Error Number:504 5.5.2 <tripwire@proxytest>: Sender address rejected: need
### fully-qualified address
### Exiting...
Email test failed.

proxytest is the hostname of my server

Do you have an idea to solve this issue ?
I tried to change in the twcfg the variable SMTPHOST by smtp.altitudetelecom.fr (my ISP SMTP relay) instead of localhost. But it doesn't work...

Thank you in advance for your help.


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