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Re: file systems

Miles Fidelman put forth on 4/21/2011 8:03 AM:
> Andrew McGlashan wrote:
>> Isn't ReiserFS effectively dead with the inventor being found guilty
>> of murdering his wife?
> Right.  Forgot about that.  Ahh the problems of projects that are too
> closely tied to a key individual.  (Sort of makes me worry about Postfix
> periodically.  Sigh...)

You forget about devs Viktor Duchovni, Noel Jones, and others.  If
something were to happen to Wietse they should be able to pick up most
of the slack.  Postfix is pretty much feature complete at this point
anyway, has been for a while.  Most code additions to Postfix these days
are for more efficient spam fighting, such as postscreen, and minor bug

I'd be far more concerned about Dovecot, which seems literally a one man


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