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CD burning programs with verification

I'm looking for a program in the Debian repository that offers verification but with few dependencies.  I use my own antiX-derived distro called Swift Linux (www.swiftlinux.org) as my main distro, but I dual boot with Puppy Linux.  Puppy Linux comes standard with iso2cd and PBurn, but those applications are specific to Puppy Linux.

I don't like the GnomeBaker program that comes standard in antiX Linux and need a replacement.  GnomeBaker doesn't offer a verification feature.    I know that XFCE and KDE have their own CD burning programs, but those programs have lots of dependencies.

So what CD burning programs do you like that have verification and do NOT have lots of dependencies (like the XFCE and KDE tools)?

Jason Hsu <jhsu802701@jasonhsu.com>

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