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Re: Re: Re: OpenOffice.org - how to install additional languages?

> > It looks like you need to install myspell-it and myspell-sl packages.
> Is myspell used by openoffice? 

Yes according to the package descriptions:

Description: Italian dictionary for myspell
 This is the Italian dictionary for use with the myspell spellchecker
 which is currently used within OpenOffice.org and the mozilla

Description: Slovenian dictionary for myspell
 This package contains a Slovenian myspell dictionary , which will give
 openoffice.org and mozilla users the ability to  automatically spellcheck
 and hyphenate Slovenian text.

> Anyway, Camaleon's suggestion helped. I went to the openoffice site,
> downloaded the spell checkers and installed them through the Writer
> extensions "wizard".

Okay, good :-)


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